Nebulo School Children’s Day

Regarding International Children’s Day, Nebulo School has organized a pleasant day for the students instead of a normal Saturday school. The event started at the regular time, but was being continued in a different way.

After arriving, the children got their own so-called passports included different stations for the different activities. At each stop they got a stamp on it, if they succeeded the task. The one who took part in every task, was able to get the reward at the end of the day.

The first station was about crafting. The children were creating heads of dummies made of soil and grass seed, which after taking a good care of it, will grow „grasshair”. At the second stop they were playing Hungarian traditional games and dances. After all, they were playing competitive sport games, and last but not least they could show their talents on drawing with chalk on the asphalt.

Meanwhile, thank to the teachers and the parents help, chicken soup has been cooked and also, „Mákos guba” –  a special Hungarian dessert, made from bagel with poppy seed on top, poured with vanilla souce – has been baked in the oven. As the closure of the day, everybody had lunch together. It was a great day spent together, after a compulsary and long break.

To be continued in the winter camp. See you next time at school!

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