Birds and Trees Day in Kings Park

The Birds and Trees Day in Hungary has a tradition of hundred years. The Birds and Trees Day, initiated by Ottó Herman – scientist, journalist, politician, and the last Hungarian polymath – became official in Hungary in 1902 and it is still celebrated every year. The traditions aim to raise awareness to the environment and the importance of nature.

Regarding the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, Nebulo School hold an irregular lesson again. This time, not only Primary 2 gathered on last Saturday, but Primary 1 group joined them for an interactive adventure lesson as well.

The students and their parents have met at „GIja Jumulu Giant Boen, which is the one of the symbols of Kings Park. After all, they sat seperately in 2 groups in the nature and began the tasks.

Both groups focused on trees, bushes and birds which can be found in Hungary and Australia. Primary 1 students got to know the most typical Hungarian trees and birds by doing activities like puzzle or matching pictures and names. Furthermore, they collected and wrote some Hungarian words about forest. They needed to look for them during the upcoming walk in the park. The children were also collecting fallen leaves, crops and feathers etc in a paper egg tray.

Primary 2 students have learnt about the levels of forest and wildlife for example animals or trees, bushes and plants, especially the Hungarian species which can be found also in Australia. They were looking for those species in the botanic garden during the walk.

Then they switched the education part to running and playing in the beautiful park. It was fun for the children and pleasure for parents and teacher as well. It was great to see each other again after a long time!

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