Hungarian Educational and Cultural Centre

Current Board size: 6

Chairperson: Kata Nemeth

Vice-Chairperson: Eleonora Deak

Secretary: Magda Toth

School coordinator: Agnes Farkas, Ramona Bolla

Treasurer: Zita Takacs

General Board member: Dora Rauch

Rules of Association HECC 2019

Open position:

Hungarian Educational and Cultural Centre

Current Board size: 5-7

Board meetings held: 4 times a year

 We are seeking expressions of interest for the following Board member position:

  • Head of School (Nebulo Hungarian School in Perth)

HECC is a not-for-profit association with a major goal to promote the smooth running of the NEBULO Hungarian School.  The promotion of the Hungarian language and culture in accordance with the aspirations and opinions of the members of the Association, whether it be educational, recreational, social or cultural.

Candidates should possess:

  • Strategic thinking, ability to convey constructive questioning and suggestions, able to promote discussions and debate within the bounds of board cohesion.
  • Understanding of board decision making.
  • Passion for the cause – be a responsible member of HECC community organisation.
  • The ability to commit the time required for the role and for the board meetings.
  • Understanding shared values such as support of the Hungarian community group and the Nebulo Hungarian School through educational and cultural events that build networks between Hungarian and other community organisations.
  • Assisting in the planning and implementation of community enhancing programs, fundraising, and cultural events.
  • Promoting socially, emotionally and physically safe and supportive environment for children, parents and other members within the community.
  • Sound knowledge of English language and fluency in Hungarian.
  • At least two years of work experience in Australia.


  • Organises two group meetings for Nebulo teachers at the beginning of Semesters – together with Principal Lecturer – discusses teaching dates, calendar events. Delegates tasks, direction for the Semester.
  • Arranges the Teacher’s Pack at the beginning of Semester 1 of the year: templates, curriculum, lesson plans, student reports, volunteer agreement, WWC currency, code of conduct, AMPE requirements, Child safe code of conduct, student information, recommended websites and facebook pages, teaching resources.
  • Liaises with parents and Nebulo Teachers via emails: send email reminders before each sessions, send information about grants, workshops, educational events, AMPE events.
  • Liaises with HECC Board about current issues, difficulties.
  • Liaises with other stakeholders: KCSP, AUSIT, WACE Board, OMI, Hungarian Association at Perth, AMPE and other Community groups or Language schools.
  • Liaises with the contact person of the venue provider.
  • Completes and updates PIP (Pathway to Improvement Program) documents to meet OMI standards for community language teaching.
  • Coordinates Enrolment: creates advertisement, contacts parents, checks tuition fee payments at the end of semesters. Provides the list of enrolled students to the Principal Lecturer.
  • With the help of HECC Board ensures the continuity of teaching and the hire of new venue, in case of termination of the contract of the hired venue.
  • Parents’ Questionnaire: designs and sends a survey to parents at the end of the year, analyses results.
  • Arranges substitute teachers if needed, organises parents’ roster for the kindy group.
  • Arranges parents/teachers meeting once a year.
  • Organises two Nebulo Camps per year – delegates tasks to teachers, parents.
  • (Theme selection, organises teachers, parent volunteers for the day, resources, food preparation)
  • Opens / Closes the school building on Saturday Nebulo sessions. (Arms / Disarms security systems)
  • Updates: Nebulo FB site, website.
  • Creates flyers, advertisements for events.


Please fill in the attached HECC Board CV form and forward it to