Last Nebulo session we commemorated King Saint Stephen and the new bread

On the 22 of August everz groups of Nebulo School talked about Hungary’s national holiday. The topic wasn’t only about King Saint Stephen, but about the symbol of the holiday – the new bread.

The kindy group made paper crowns and talked about the characteristics of bread and crown. The beginner group made a Hungarian flag. The students in the primary 1-2 group talked about the process from grain to bread, they joined the oldest group and together they watched a short movie about how to prepare and bake  bread. Arts and craft was also part of the session, when they decorated cards with grains. They also watched the news from 20th of August regarding the winner cake of the country, the bread of the year and the blessing of bread, then they tied the Hungarian ribbon around the bread, before it was sliced up to many even pieces.

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