Full day spring adventure at Nebulo

After the successful one-day winter adventure, we promised that we would continue it, so in the spring holiday, we organised a full day event for our Nebulos again.

The theme of the camp was to get to know our traditional customs, with dancing, arts&crafts and other activities. Both the youngest and the older ones were introduced to the traditions of choosing your loved one and the wedding ceremony by Ilona Ando, the acknowledged Hungarian folk dance teacher.  The music was coming from a zither, the ‘keszkenő’ (traditional shawl) was being painted together.

At the beginning of the day, we set the camp fire together to cook a delicious ‘paprikáskrumpli’, then we peeled and cut potato and onion along with our kids’ mothers.  In the afternoon, kids were helping to bake healthy pancakes.

We do thank Ilona and Emese for the unforgettable moments.

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